Meet Me

Oh, hey there! Welcome to my corner of the internet, it's lovely to see you here. 

I'm Dragana, the beautifier, and creator behind the Idearia.

I’m an admirer of beauty, maker of stuff, calligraphy enthusiast, and stationery addict.

I’m a mummy to three girls and a wife to a super talented husband, a microbiologist, and researcher, who is also a passionate cook with a weakness for sweets.

I was born in Slovenia, left my heart in Switzerland, had a quick love fling with Seattle, and now living in a lovely Michigan, where you’ll mostly find me strolling around, doing Sun Salutation in my pajamas, making a mess in the kitchen or skyping with my family and friends from Europe.

Made by Idearia is my way of expressing myself, doing what makes me feel joyful and giving all my love into it. That’s why soul, passion, and love are the words that resonate in my mind when I design and create. If you connect with what you see, we are very likely to get along!

I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll stick around and find something that inspires you! If you want to know more about my work, feel free to browse my website or connect with me on social media.

In love and gratitude, always,